Debbie Dada

Executive Director


Debbie Dada completed her undergraduate studies at Yale University studying African Studies and the History of Science, Medicine and Public Health while in the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs Global Health Scholars Program. She served as Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Global Health Review and aspires professionally to work in health system strengthening in West Africa through implementation science research and health policy. She has particular interest in the social determinants of health and strongly believes in the importance of education as a tool in improving health outcomes. In her free time, Debbie enjoys playing rugby and hanging out with her adorable nieces.


Research Director


Shaimaa Helal is an MD Candidate in Queen’s University’s Accelerated Route to Medical School program. Currently, she serves as a research assistant with Dr. Susan Bartels at Kingston General Hospital studying maternal and adolescent reproductive health outcomes among Syrian refugee child brides in Lebanon. Haven grown up in the Jane & Finch community, she has witnessed and experienced first-hand the unique struggles of populations labelled “vulnerable and at-risk.” It has been through the mentorship and guidance of her own peers and teachers that she was able to find the motivation and confidence to follow her pursuits. Thus, to give back, she dedicates her time to serving as a mentor, teacher, cheerleader and friend to youth in her local community. Shaimaa possesses a genuine commitment to serve her community and in the future, she hopes to further pursue her interest in international medicine and global health. In her free time, she enjoys solving logic puzzles, reading, baking and spending time with family.


Development Director

Tuli Chowdhury is an undergraduate student currently studying Criminology and English at the University of Toronto. While managing a full course load, she volunteers as a youth mentor and tutor for recently arrived immigrants and refugees with the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture. In recent years she was a top fundraiser for Canadian Cancer Society and Sanskrit teacher for Vedanta Society of Toronto. Within her university she serves as a youth mentor for UNICEF Uoft. Prior to university, Tuli completed her secondary school diploma at Weston Collegiate, also graduating with an International baccalaureate diploma. During high school she was the Vice President of the Best Buddies program, a club tailored towards positively integrating and accommodating students with intellectual disabilities within the school environment. She was also briefly the president of Huddle Up, an antibullying organization within Weston. In her spare time, Tuli enjoys writing, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.


Outreach Director

Nicholas Ramsubick in currently studying biochemical engineering at Queen’s University. Nicholas has been volunteering in the Toronto community since he was in grade 7, primarily focusing on organization that addresses food insecurity. Fun fact! Nicholas loves to sing and came in second in a national Trinidad & Tobago singing competition.


Program Director

Aayushi Sharma is an undergraduate student at Ryerson University, majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring in French Studies and Sociology. She aspires professionally to be a teacher, and is passionate about youth empowerment, education, and social justice. In her time at Ryerson University, she has served as the Vice President of Human Resources for Enactus Ryerson, the Project Manager of Project Sacred Valley, and is a candidate for Ted Rogers School of Management’s International Exchange Program. In her spare time, Aayushi enjoys film photography, thrift shopping, and having insightful conversations with people from all walks of life.


Program Coordinator

Tasnim Gurey is studying Biomedical Sciences at York University and hopes to become a dentist in the near future. She has volunteered at various organizations that target youth and strengthen student achievements including the Toronto Public Library Youth Hub Program. As a second-generation immigrant, and a Black Muslim woman, there have been many barriers in her path, but she has excelled despite them and would like to support and guide students so that they may also flourish even when the environment may not favour them.


Research Director

Deiriai Myers is a graduate of the University of Toronto having completed her undergraduate degree in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology and Health & Disease. She aspires to pursue a career in public health with specific interests in the biological and social determinants of infectious diseases. Outside of her academics, she was involved in university student life as a student mentor helping students navigate their university experience and played for the university’s varsity squash team. She has a passion for educating young people in the field of STEM and has a love for reading autobiographies and historical nonfiction books. She is a huge sports enthusiast as she enjoys watching professional basketball and tennis.


Tutoring Director

Heba is a student at the University of Toronto, currently studying for a masters degree in Knowledge and Information management. She recently completed her bachelor’s degree with a dual major in Biomedical Toxicology and Health and Disease in 2020. She also completed a minor in classical civilisations. Given her background in both the health and information sciences, Heba has an interest in understanding the implications of digital health services and applications on patient privacy rights and health equity. She spends her free time watching different genres of films.


Administrative Director

Precious Akindele is an undergraduate student and soon graduate of a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. She is currently working on defending her Honours Thesis in the associations between depression status and inflammatory cell-markers among adolescents in Durban and Soweto, South Africa. Precious has a wide variety of interests, but ultimately is pursuing a career in medicine, focusing on public health and preventative medicine. She is committed to building community and providing support for students, and currently serves as the Co-Director of her faculty’s Peer Mentorship Program. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and listening to audiobooks.