Find Your Path is a student-run non-profit organization that aims to help Black youth and first-generation students realize their academic potential through creating engaging, restorative and Afrocentric educational programming and providing annual scholarships. Join us in our mission to help shape community leaders and success stories of tomorrow as we join the movement for Black educational empowerment in Toronto!

Discover our Past Programs


We administered two scholarships and ran our second annual free Afrocentric Summer Mentorship & Enrichment Program at the Rexdale Hub. We worked to increase the participants’ self-confidence and academic engagement so that they are more likely to act in accordance with high academic and professional goals. For each theme, a successful black professional/expert who was well-versed on the often-neglected African contributions in their discipline, spoke to the youth about their journey. Students were paired with mentors of colour who were current university (undergraduate and PhD), college, medical and law school students. Mentors walked students through fun, thought-provoking Afrocentric academic activities in each of the disciplines in addition to leading discussions on growth mindsets, goal-setting and overcoming barriers.


We administered one scholarship and ran our first annual free Afrocentric Summer Enrichment Program. For six Saturdays, students engaged in experiential learning modules that drew on African-centered sources of knowledge and perspectives to create a diverse educational experience on a wide range of disciplines. Our team of engaging and impactful speakers included an Olympic Gold Medallist, the award-winning director of a local recording studio, a neonatologist & assistant professor, a chemical engineer, a criminal lawyer, and an accountant. Our team of eight mentors led youth through hands-on activities in the afternoons, which allowed students to practice skills and complete challenges related to academic disciplines.


We administered one scholarship, began our first mentorship program in July called Reaching New Heights and partnered with For Youth Initiative (link to: to hold an educational community barbecue in August. Through our program launch in July, youth aged ten to fifteen learned how to maximize their educational opportunities and engage in their communities through fun activities and words from our keynote speaker TDSB Trustee Tiffany Ford. They were then paired with members of our mentor team- comprised of high school seniors and university students with a track record of academic excellence- by whom the were mentored for the rest of the summer online. The barbecue included networking sessions featuring leaders in entrepreneurship, community advocacy and the sports industry and increased our visibility in the community.


We administered two scholarships and held a conference through the Toronto District School Board that inspired 150 students from across the city by showing them their potential and giving them resources to help make their academic and professionals goals a reality. It included workshops, panel discussions and insightful speeches by motivational speakers and distinguished guests such as International Supermodel, Stacey McKenzie and TDSB Trustee, Chris Tonks. MP Ahmed Hussen awarded Find Your Path with a certificate of commendation for its work in empowering youth.